27 दिसंबर 2012

citizen harmony walk

            Citizens Harmony Walk-2012                                    
                        PRESS NOTE
Citizens Harmony Walk-2012, Sponsored by “The India Harmony Foundation”, and Supported by Sarva Dharma Sadbhawna Kendra Trust & National Alliance of People’s Movement (NAPM).
Lead by Acharya Yugal Kishore Sharan Shastri (Ayodhya Ki Awaaz have established Sarva Dharm Sadbhawna Kendra Trust to be build a multi faith complex at Ayodhya) with his total 19th yatri this walk.
Citizen Harmony Walk- 2012 srtarted From Ayodhya to Kanyakumari. This Walk Started from Ayodhya on 15 Dec 2012 as Padyatra from Saryu Kunj Mandir to Tedhi Bazar chowk Ayodhya.
After that we have been gone to A.I.T Jaganpur Inter Collage at Faizabad UP. The School principle Mr.Akhtar Siddiqui was walcomed our jatha- Than after we reached at Gandhi Ashram Barabanki Uttar Pradesh. There were welcomed ‘Asha Pariwar’ members Mr. Rajesh Maurya & others. Then after Jatha reached Gandhi Bhavan at Lucknow. There was welcomed many NGO’s reputed persons Magsaysay Awarded Mr. Sandeep Pandey-Founder of Asha Priwar and Moulana Azad Memorial Academy. After this our Jatha has been reached on Railway Station Lucknow and move to  Trissure Kerela by train.  We reached at Trissure as on 18 Dec 2012.
As on 18 dec 2012 our our welcome Programe at SalSabeel Green School Organized by Mr. P.T.M. Hussain at 2:00PM. Our Next programme at Tirur bus stands organized by Sadbhawna Mission.
on 19 Dec 2012 we have reached at Cheraman Juma Masjid at their we welcomed by Dr. Sayeed  chairman of Cheraman Juma Masjid Kutunglur. This Masjid made by Hindu Emperor by 629A.D. After this we reached at H.S. Collage welcomed by principle, Teacher’s & Students. Than after reached at Hindi Prachar Mahasabha Dakshin Bharat   Bhavan at Ernakulum dist Cochchi. Jatha Welcomed by Honorable Former justice P.K Shamsuddin.
As on 20th Dec we reached at Marthoma Nagar Sent Marthoma Church. This church was made 52A.D. This is first church of India. Then after we reached at Ayyappan temple & Vayer Masjid. We welcomed by local parsons.
21th Dec we reached at head office of church Renewal Retreat Center sent Marthoma Syrian church of Malabar- we welcomed by Pop philippons Marcrisostum Martoma waliya Metrapolita.
Then afternoon we reached at Secretariat of Kerela state at Tiruanantpuram, welcomd by Mr M.N. Giri & others.
On 22 Dec 2012 we reached at press club of thriventhram for press conference .then after we reached at RAJ BHAVAN kerala .Our welcomed by MR. AJEET KUMAR . (I.A.S)-secretary to governor of kerala state .after that we moved from Kerala to Tamilnadu (Indindakarai distt: tirunelveli)
On 23 Dec 2012  our welcomed by Indindakarai’s fishermans than after we reached Kanya Kumari Temple. After that at 5 pm meeting at press club Tirunevelli.with NAPM friends
On 24 Dec 2012 we reached Nagore  shareef guest house.
On 25Dec.2012 our Welcomed my Khalibha Mastan Sahab Kadari Sajjad Naseen Dargah Nagore and darshan of mazar at hazrat qadar wali baba (alai. rahma)
           What purpose of communal harmony Walk ?
1-Making the Bridge between the communities
2- We are All in One.
3- We are child of only one God. So we are only Human.
4- We want one Democratic, Secular &  Peacefull India
5- Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Isayi & others sab  hain bhai-bhai
Why Starting from Ayodhya?
Ayodhya piligrim is only one city for the composit culture in the world. Because there are our five religious
1-HINDU- Birth place of Lord Rama &  Guru Ravi Das’ Tapobhoomi .
2- MUSLIM- Khurd Makka & Babri Mosque.
3- BUDH – Lord Budha’s 4 years Barkha bas.
4- JAIN- 1st  Guru Thrithunker Rishab Dev Birth Place.
5- SIKH -  Guru Teg Bahadur Completed  2 Years his Tapsaya  
 Why ending at  Kanyakumaari?
Kanyakumaari is the Swami Vivekananda pilgrims place for peace & Communal Harmony Swami’s Sandesh.
SHASTRI JI lead  8 yatra’s for famous places of Different states of our country from 2006. This yatra is Shastri’s  9th yatra’s.
List of Citizen Harmony Walk Member’s-
1.   Shri yugal kishore sharan Shastri (Mahant Ayudhya)
2.   Ram Milan Sharan Shastri (Ayodhya)
3.   Comrade M H Gandhi (Gujrat)
4.   Mohd zeeshan –(Faizabad,U.P.)
5.   Smt. Iram Siddiqi (Faizabad, U.P.)
6.   Ms. Zulaikha Jabeen-Journalist (Chhattisgarh)
7.   Smt Kailasha Devi (Ayudhya,U.P.)
8.   . Ms Zainab Siddiqui (Faizabad U.P.)
9.   Ms Pinki Gond(Ayudhya,U.P.)
10.                     Shri Baboolal Ji (Delhi)
11.                     Amrish kumar Gautam(Advocate-Delhi)
12.                     Chandra Bhushan(Advocate-Bihar)
13.                     Suresh Das –(Gorakhpur,U.P.)
14.                     Ram milan Das (Gorakhpur,U.P.)
15.                     Vinay Kumar Srivastava –(Ayodhya,U.P.)
16.                     Shiv Prasad Dhuriya (Basti,UP) 
17.                     RamNarayan Gond(Ayodhya,UP)
18.                     Ramsaran Bodh (Gonda,UP)
19.                     Sant Nirala Das (Ravidas Mandir,Ayodhya,U.P.)

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